Disabling Tile view with SetTileView

Hi there,

I have custom buttons in my Jistsi implementation and I have one button for own camera view, to make sure it works properly, I need to disable Tile view before focus… ToggleView is not an option as I have another button for that and the user might want to focus on his cam while not in tile view…

I found SetTileView which seems promising but whatever I tried it seems to enable only… I have tried multiple flavors to no avail

api.executeCommand(‘setTileView’, {enabled: false});
api.executeCommand(‘setTileView’, {enabled: 0});
api.executeCommand(‘setTileView’, {0});
api.executeCommand(‘setTileView’, {false});

it either sets to TileView or Javascript fails…

Am I misunderstanding the command; i.e can only be true and not false?

Any help would be appreciated!


APP.store.dispatch({type: 'SET_TILE_VIEW', enabled: false});
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Thx emrah but I am not sure I understand…

add this call to my onclikc event but nothing happens (other js functions linked to that event also do not so anything). Shoudl thsi work with Ifram api as well?


According to the docs that command takes a single Boolean argument.


api.executeCommand(‘setTileView’, false);

Thx Shawn, my syntax was wrong…