Disabling Tile View in jibri clients

Now, tile view is default view even for jibri clients, and I think this not the best view in order to record sessions.

Any way to disable tile view in jibri clients? If not, anyway to disable tile view as default for every body?

I know moderator can make a “follow me” for a moment in order to disable tile view in the jibri client, but nobody remember this workaround and our recordings now are not very usefull.


So, I agree with this, but I’m on the other side of the fence. Your complaint is the same some of us have had with Jibri defaulting to Speaker View - even when the host is in Tile. Normal thinking is that Jibri is seeing what one is seeing. I’ve gone through a few meetings only to realize after that I forgot to activate “Everyone follows me”, which then resulted in a Speaker View recording that’s essentially useless to us.

I think the real solution to this would be to have Jibri follow the hosts view by default. An option could be made to then disable it, if a different behavior is desired.

This is already been done in the latest unstable packages https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/commit/d97f46c163a8d850c0a68297cc2a6652780e2f75
Not having tile view by default