Disabling some settings in Android app?


Hi guys,

Just as the title suggests, I’d like to know where in the code I should look to disable some of the settings in the android menu in jitsi-meet. I want to create a simpler version without all the subtitles and other options.

Can someone please point me to the right part of the code?



You’re referring to the menu that comes from the bottom of the screen, I assume. I don’t know if there is a nicer way to change it right now other than changing the source of the app, which it seems like you’re already willing to do. https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/b8a70379598c5480b40f2d2ac2131721781d4661/react/features/toolbox/components/native/OverflowMenu.js#L80 I believe is where the menu you’re referring to is located.


That’s what I was looking for Lenny8.

Thanks a lot!

Appreciate the quick reply.


I thought I could comment out some of the menu items I wanted to hide and that would be it.

Unfortunately when I test it on a device I get a black screen as soon as I click the menu button.

Isn’t commenting out as so enough? Obviously I need to do something else.

Any clues?


return (
<BottomSheet onCancel = { this._onCancel }>
<AudioRouteButton { …buttonProps } />
<ToggleCameraButton { …buttonProps } />
<AudioOnlyButton { …buttonProps } />
<RoomLockButton { …buttonProps } />
//<ClosedCaptionButton { …buttonProps } />

                // Apple rejected our app because they claim requiring a
                // Dropbox account for recording is not acceptable.
                // Ddisable it until we can find a way around it.
                (__DEV__ || Platform.OS !== 'ios')
                    && <RecordButton { ...buttonProps } />
            //<LiveStreamButton { ...buttonProps } />
            <TileViewButton { ...buttonProps } />
            <InviteButton { ...buttonProps } />



If you run linting I assume it’ll error or the build process will show an error. The error is probably around invalid jsx. To add comments in jsx you need the curlies. So if you really want to leave them commented out the thing to do may be { /* <ClosedCaptionButton { …buttonProps } /> */}.


I tried that but was still getting an error.
What worked for me was to delete those lines instead of commenting them out.

Thanks for your help.

Much appreciated!