Disabling polls features for participants


Is there a way to limit polls features for participants through JWT token or configuration, if yes please let me know the details on how to disable the feature.


Nope, there is no such feature.

Thanks for the information

@damencho Can you also please confirm me is there any option to set a time period for clearing the inactive sessions from a meeting

How about poll results can we limit displaying the poll results only to meeting hosts/moderators? Can anybody please let me know

You need UI and backend changes for that. No option for that at the moment.

Thanks @damencho for the information Can you also please confirm on the below too:
1.Can User be able to select multiple poll options.
2. Preventing user not to change the poll options submitted
3. Creating time based polls and polls should not be available in the meeting after the poll time set.

I think the answer to all of your question is no. The polls is a simple poll implementation that can be useful for the majority of users.
If you need some specific poll behavior you can use some external tool for that. Or you can do your modifications in the code to accommodate that, but we do not want to complicate the jitsi-meet implementation of those.