Disabling focus change on jitsi confrence


Hi all,
I have a question about the feature in Jitsi Confrence
is there any way to set the config to stop the focus of the conference,
so to put it in a scenario, i want to have only 1 person as the focus of the conference, because the default of the jitsi keep changing focus to the one who have audio input to the conference.

I’ve searched for a similar topic but came out empty handed,
if there is one and i have just created a spam thread i apologize beforehand.

Best Regard,
Rheine Adithia


Every participant can control this by himself by pinning a video by just clicking the thumbnail. If a participant wants to lead the conference and control what others see, that participant should be moderator and can enable follow me from settings. Follow me allows to controll what other participants see, like pinning a video locally, will pin it for everyone, exactly what you want.


Hi thanks damencho, I will try that. I’ve got a similar question though. With multiple participants (3 parties joining a conference call) can I align the video streams of my two conversation partners next to each other (two tiles with equal dimensions like in Skype)? Thanks in advance.