disableTileEnlargement: true Not taking in account iFrame width and height!

Hi, since about March 16th 2022, when using disableTileEnlargement: true thumbnails are 16:9 (cool), BUT they are huge, so that you need to scroll into the iFrame (even with just 2 or 3 participants)


This is how it used to be right before:

Am I missing something or is it a bug?


If you don’t change disableTileEnlargement, is it ok?

This is on meet.jit.si, right?

Hi damencho!
If I don’t change disableTileEnlargement it’s ok, but I prefer the old view with small 16:9 thumbnails.
(it also allowed to fit more thumbnails in a small window)

Yes, it’s on meet.jit.si

More changes are coming in that direction. It is still work in progress.
Later this week or next week …

Thanks Damencho!
I really hope there will always be a setting to keep the view as you have in my second picture. I really find it very VERY useful.

Can you please suggest a stable version to install on another server were disableTileEnlargement works as it used to?


:man_shrugging: Sorry