Disable Youtube Streaming, Live Streaming, Recording etc

Hello, I´m sorry if this question has been asked before.

We´re a small study class, meeting on an university jitsi, very simple.

We´d like to prevent the meeting to be streamed, recorded or shared in any other way that is available in the options settings.

Is this possible? Can the moderate disable those for everyone somehow so that no participant might stream the whole thing? We´d like to ensure a high level of privacy.
Or do we need to find a server that has those features disabled?

Thank you very much

Welcome to the forum, @MTKH!

If you host your own Jitsi installation, yes, this is definitely possible. If you’re on the public Jitsi instance (https://meet.jit.si), check out this post.

Thank you Freddie,
we are simple users, no self hosting. I´ve already found the config post, but found it a bit difficult :frowning:

So i´d have to add those options like this to the url


But it seems that the other users could simply use


and it´s on again, right?

Which on is for Youtube? Is there any kind of search engine for public servers that shows the activated features?

thank you

Yes. Your 2 urls would have the behavior you described.

Youtube is inside of the TOOLBAR_BUTTONS variable as sharedvideo.

Look at the last example in that post for how to override toolbar buttons. It’s definitely not as clean as hosting your own server.

Not that I am aware of

Hope this helps!

Yes. Your 2 urls would have the behavior you described.

Interesting. The Moderator turns it off and another user, with the knowledge of the right URL parameter can turn it on again.

Thank you for your input with the other questions.

It´s been very helpful