"Disable" Web UI? (only lib-jitsi-meet needed)

I’m creating a custom web app using lib-jitsi-meet with docker, and so I have no need for the Jitsi web front end. However, I know that the API library itself must be accessible via http. What’s the best way to disable the web UI altogether but leave the API (and whatever else might be needed) intact for use by my web app?

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I have the same question… :hushed:

Any expertise can help us?

You can probably do this using some nginx conf settings. Basically, block all the unwanted front end files and redirect then to a 404. For example, index.html can be blocked but you should keep config.js accessible.

we tried blocking everything aside from config.js and the api .js but the colibri websocket is not passing through… how do we do this?