Disable video stream receiving for all but the focused participant?

I’d like to have a videoconference set up where about 5 devices are on the same network and in the same room (and about 5 other devices remotely). We’re having trouble with the bandwidth - the video gets disabled because of bandwidth limitations (most likely because of the capabilities of the local Wi-Fi router?).

However, the “in-room” clients don’t need to receive all 10 - 1 video streams; it would be enough if they only display the video feed from the one participant currently focused.

Is this somehow possible? Does the API allow for selective disabling like that? Or perhaps even some kind of low-bandwith mode combination? Thanks in advance!

Thanks a lot! Completely missed this option. But does this apply per client or globally? “Dominant speaker” is dominant for the entire conference room, right? I need each client to “solo” (i.e. mute all other) a different video output.