Disable video for all participants and limit overall participants

Hi all, to reduce the server load I want to disable video for all participants. Is there a setting for this? In addition I would like to limit the overall participants to avoid a server overload. Thank you in advance for your help! Kind regards Florian

You can set the following in config.js:

startVideoMuted: 1,

This will mute every participant’s video apart from the first person who joins (likely the moderator).

Alternatively, you can just use Advanced moderation controls in the participants’ pane to mute all once the meeting starts and restrict participants from being able to start their video.


You can use the Prosody module "mux_max_occupants" to limit the number of participants in a meeting.

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Thank´s for the quick reply. Am I right, that also if i set “startVideoMuted: 1” the participants can enable the video afterwards? I want to permanently disable it for all conferences. Can the solution be to disable the “Enable camera” button?

“mux_max_occupants” only sets the number of participants for one meeting. I want to set the overall participants (all counted participants from all conferences).

Not really. A knowledgeable participant can use shortcut keys to mute and unmute their mic and video. It sounds like your best bet would be to set advanced moderation once inside the meeting. But then this begs the question whether Jitsi is what you need - because if you don’t want video at all, why choose a videoconferencing platform? There are other solutions out there for voice-only conferences.

I can’t immediately recall there being a way to limit participant count per server.

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Alright. Just for information: The “audio only” is just an idea for our “fallback server” to reduce the load and enable more participants.

I now tested disabling the camera button. This fortunately also disables the camera shortcut.