Hi, may i know if i would like to set DISABLE_VIDEO_BACKGROUND: true defaulted to everyone who’s joining the call in jitsi, is this settings only able to configure in interface_config.js? can it be configured in config.js? Reason being is because the hosting panel that i’m using is only supported the configuration options in config.js and based on their reply interface_config is going to be deprecated and moving to config.js thus there should be a way to configure in config.js, so i really need a suggestion or solution for this to configure the interface_config options in config.js. The main reason of disabling this is because it was consuming very high cpu usage in client’s pc if it was not disable so i really need to disable this to stabilize the call stability. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone could help on it. Millions thanks

AFAIK, you cannot set DISABLE_VIDEO_BACKGROUND with only access to config.js.

interface_config.js is on a deprecation path such that new configs will not be added to it and entries will over time be migrated over to config.js. I have no idea what the timescale is to eventually move everything over, but it is certainly too soon to assume that everything can be achieved using just config.js.

If you have no access to interface_config, you could have your users access using another landing page that loads Jitsi using the IFrame API. You can then override configs using interfaceConfigOverwrite.

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Got it Shawn. thanks for the suggestion, will try it out and see how it goes.