Disable speaking statistics?

Hey there!

We want to hide the speaker statistics, as this causes confusion among users (the time indication of how long a user speaks) . Unfortunately, we can’t find a setting to disable this.

Is there a way to disable this on all devices? Otherwise, would it be possible for you to create a configuration for this?

I would be very happy to hear back from you!


Does this work for you?

Hey damemcho

Thanks for your help.
As you recommended, we have switched this configuration and it works.
However, you can still open the speaker statistics with the keyboard shortcut “T”.

Is there also a way to disable it?

nope, unfortunately. This means there is a need of one config that disables both … any PRs are welcome.

Is it possible for you to integrate this feature in the near future?

It is not on our priority list so I don’t see that happening soon.