Disable speaker stats in UI

We disabled speaker stats in Prosody following the Handbook instruction but this has no effect. The counters are still visible and active counting the talk time of each participant.

Then we removed the menu item in the UI.

So, now the speaker stats menu item is not accessible/visible anymore.

But if the user clicks on the “T” button, the speaker stats appear with all the counters active and counting.

Is there a way to remove completely the speaker stats?
Otherwise, is there a way to disable the “T” button?


You can disable shortcuts alltogether.

Any possibility to remove just the “T” shortcut? Shortcuts are in general very useful.
If there’s an effective way to remove the speaker stats without touching the UI it would be the best solution.
What I see here: Enabling Speaker Stats · Jitsi Meet Handbook does not work in our case. I don’t know why.