Disable simulcast with only two participants

most of our conferences are 1:1 sessions. We feature a custom firefox browser warning, but still many people use firefox. If one participant uses firefox, videoquality is very poor. Disabling simulcast seems to significally improve videoquality for both users (at least with low bandwidth)

  1. Do I understand the concept of simulcast correct if I assume, that with 1:1 conferences simulcast is unnecessary?
  2. Is there a way to disable simulcast when there are only two participants?

Thank you!

Not really, even in 1:1 participants can detect that the other side has low bandwidth and start sending some of the layers.

There is no such feature at the moment.

@fritzgithub perhaps you could also just block Firefox (web) from accessing your deployment completely?

Thank you for your answer.
Doesn’t the adaption to low bandwidth get handled by the adaptive abilities of JVB anyway?

Since nearly all of our sessions are 1:1 and “testing evidence” shows significant improvement for firefox users without simulcast, we are inclined to turn it off.
But we don’t know wether there are any pitfalls that might make it a bad idea to do so. I did read quite some resources about simulcast, but still don’t know.

I really appreciate your input!

Unfortunately not. Unknown (to us) not technically experienced users with high privacy concerns and little flexibility.
We tell them not to use firefox and give them information about more privacy concerned chromium browsers, but things like that usually don’t help much.