Disable screen sharing for guests


I have been looking around on the forums and saw a response form April 1st so I am posting in hopes that something has changed.

Is there a way to prevent my guests from sharing their screen?

Something like this would be useful to prevent possible sharing of inappropriate materials.



I’m also facing same issue . Let me know anyone has succeeded…

I want to know whether the following code in /usr/share/jitsi-meet/conference.js works?

async toggleScreenSharing(toggle = !this._untoggleScreenSharing, options = {}) {
if (this.videoSwitchInProgress) {
return Promise.reject(‘Switch in progress.’);
if (!this.isDesktopSharingEnabled) {
return Promise.reject(
‘Cannot toggle screen sharing: not supported.’);

    if (this.isAudioOnly()) {
        return Promise.reject('No screensharing in audio only mode');

    if (toggle) {

        try {
            await this._switchToScreenSharing(options);

        } catch (err) {
            logger.error('Failed to switch to screensharing', err);


** return Promise.reject(‘Only Moderators can share screen.’);**
** }**

will the following change works ??? damencho kindly reply .