Disable privatechat for all except Moderator


i have installed jitsi successfully on my Server and it works well. Thank you!

Now i want to block the privatechat button for all users except the moderator of the room.
So i want that the moderator can send private messages to all users.
After a user gets a message from the moderator he can react to it and answer, but the normal users can’t private Chat with each other.

I want to use the globalchat normally.

I found Disabling private messages this.

But there the button is gone for all. Logically.

So is there any variable in CSS so i can do an IF?
Or is there a cleaner way to get this to work?


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@damencho damencho


I’m using iframeAPI and I need to disable private messages too.
Is there any way to do this when using iframeAPI

you can change code remote-video-menu, check _isModerator when push PrivateMessageMenuButton

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Hello @KiemVM,
thanks for your reply but can you help me a bit more ?
I think you mean tis file:


but where do i put _isModerator?


no @tplugge , file JITSI_MEET/react/features/remote-video-menu/components/web/RemoteVideoMenuTriggerButton.js, you can check line 183 and 217 in current version

Thanks very much.
This works perfectly