Disable ping IQ

How can I disable ping IQ?

<iq id="9a80a646-644d-466f-b166-d434ee23eded:sendIQ" to="domain" type="get" xmlns="jabber:client"><ping xmlns="urn:xmpp:ping"/></iq>

Why do you want to do that? It is not a good idea, that’s why there is no such option.

Because I don’t see any helpful information transmitted, I think many ping messages are redundant. Would you provide more details about the side effect?
If it’s causing some issues on the XMPP server, what about increasing the interval between ping messages?

Ping messages detect when the network had gone away, increasing the interval you will increase and the interval in detecting this. Now it detects in 30 seconds (3 pings) if I’m not mistaken …

What issues will that cause?

Thanks, Damian. I thought replacing ping IQs with WebSocket ping or WebSocket connection timeout decreases the overall load on the XMPP server. I increase the interval then I test to figure out the side effects.