Disable Particpants Video by Default


Is their a possibility to disable videos of all participants joining in and can be enabled by them latter .

Any changes needed in toolbar or interface config?

Any guidance

@damencho any changes needed in config



Yes. Here’s how:

Option 1, per meeting, as the moderator, from [How to] What is a meeting moderator?

Option 2, per meeting, in the url:

Enable the video mute for a single meeting by adding #config.startWithVideoMuted=true&config.startVideoMuted=true to the URL you share with your meeting invitees.

For example: https://meet.jit.si/StartMuted001Example#config.startWithVideoMuted=true&config.startVideoMuted=true

Option 3, All Meetings

Enable the video mute by default for all meetings by setting startWithVideoMuted and startVideoMuted to true in your meet...-config.js .

:information_source: This file is typically located under /etc/jitsi/meet/meet.domain.com-config.js