Disable p2p completely

I need to completely rule out p2p connections for privacy reasons. Specifically, I’m trying to prevent leaking IP addresses between clients.

  1. I see the ENABLE_P2P environment variable is passed through to the web service. Is this enough to disable p2p connections entirely?

  2. Looking through the jvb codebase, it seem like it assumes any call with only 2 people on it is a p2p call. Does this imply it’s impossible to prevent p2p in all cases?

I’m open to Jitsi being the wrong solution for what I’m trying to do, but otherwise I’d like to use it : )

Thanks in advance!

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You’re looking too hard… lol. You can easily disable P2P mode in your config.js. There are 2 main places I see there:

p2pTestMode: true

and also:

> p2p: {
>         // Enables peer to peer mode. When enabled the system will try to
>         // establish a direct connection when there are exactly 2 participants
>         // in the room. If that succeeds the conference will stop sending data
>         // through the JVB and use the peer to peer connection instead. When a
>         // 3rd participant joins the conference will be moved back to the JVB
>         // connection.
>         enabled: false,
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