Disable notifications

Is there any way to disable the “user has joined” notifications?

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I have an older version, just noticed as of 1/14 the option is in there. Disregard!

Hello again,

I have upgraded Jitsi (Docker) to its latest as of two weeks ago, the DISABLE_JOIN_LEAVE_NOTIFICATIONS is present in the interface_config.js, I set that to true and no dice. I also set the notification timeout from the default 15000 timeout to 1, 100, 200 and no dice either.

Every time I make a change, I restart Jitsi entirely and verify the settings are present in the container. Has anyone had issues disabling notifications?


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Facing same Issue.

But we dont have newest version (No values in interface!). We will upgrade next week and then try out if functionality is working.

Greetz from Berlin

Where you able to solve this? I think I am having the same issue.

Yeah, but just by upgrading to the latest. I believe I am running the Docker version from late May.

I am happy to say after a year of upgrading and squashing bugs, everything works perfectly on an on-prem setup :slight_smile:

Of course, just make sure you have DISABLE_JOIN_LEAVE_NOTIFICATIONS when you upgrade to the newest.

Thanks for getting back to me.

Happy to help however I can.

I had upgraded to a version in April that did not work to disable the notifications, then upgraded again late May and that took care of the notifications among various other issues I had.

I have the same issue (with docker setup).
Jitsi Version 1.0.4127-1
In ./web/interface_config.js file I change to true the:
but does not have any effect.
Did you change also something else? What version exactly do you use?
(You can check the version with: dpkg -l | grep jitsi)

Many thanks

I have noticed that the visual notification is disable but the sound is still there. Is this normal behavior?
How can we disable also the sound?

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have you found a solution to this yet?