Disable "noisy microphone" notification

Hello everyone,
is there a way to disable notification for the following event:
“Your microphone appears to be noisy”
I can see it’s listed as “noisyAudioInputTitle”.

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you should modify the jitsi meet source code. I guess in Conference.js component comment this line:
{ this._renderConferenceNotification() } in line 346

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Thanks for the help nima,
can I do this on a working Jitsi Meet environment or is there a specific procedure to follow?

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As far as I know there isn’t. You should get source code and change the source and build again(run npm install).

I found an option in the config.js, showing something like “notification with noisy microphone” and putted false as state.
That problem is solved, now I have another, let me know what you think.
After some hours of running a room, I get an audio delay of one second (between video and audio, with the video coming before the sound).
Maybe it’s related to a “lipsync” function, I should have disabled it but the problem is still present. Any idea on this?

Thank you, have a wonderful Sunday

Before I answering you, I searched on config.js but I can’t find notification keyword in that file :slight_smile: damn vi editor :smile:
about your question unfortunately I don’t have any idea. sorry

Hi, I am looking for the same option, for some reason I can’t find it. Could you point me in the right direction?

Hi Quddus,
you will find the line in this file:

You could make sudo nano /etc/jitsi/meet/yourhostname-config.js , use the search function with the “microphone” keyword and you will reach a line talking about the “noisy popup”, just put that in “false”.

Let me know if you succeed in this

Bye bye

open /etc/jitsi/meet/[hostname]-config.js
and change the value of enableNoisyMicDetection from true to false

I assume these changes need to be made on the server. If we are using a public server, can we disable it using the #config… URL suffix as we do with audio processing? I tried, and it didn’t seem to work, but maybe I was doing it wrong.