Disable micro and webcam in other users


I can configure Jitsi that ONLY MODERATOR can enable micro and webcam?.

I want to disable the micro and webcam in the other users, the students should can watch and hear.

With this method i hope to reduce bandwidth cost: Bandwidth cost modeling

Jitsi its recommended for do formation online?, for example 15 students.

Thank you very much.

Anybody know how do this?.

Thank you very much.

Yes, when starting a meeting you are the moderator (in https://meet.jit.si everyone is).

Then in your options you will be able to request all participants to start muted, without camera. Such options are in the “3 dot” menu, first item (your profile/information).

Thank you very much.

I find this option but i have a problem: when moderator disable micro and video for other participants, they can enable him again.

I need block all micro/video for the other participant only hear and see, and need enable him only when moderator want it.

We can do this?. This configurations is for school.

Thanks again.

Check the config.js file, I found this:

// If set to true all muting operations of remote participants will be disabled.
// disableRemoteMute: true,

Thank you again friend, have nice day.

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