Disable join button until owner enter the room


I have set the prejoin page via iFrame API on my self hosted Jitsi install.

This installed is secured with the jwt token with the excellent installation script made by @emrah .

Now I would like to disable the join button on prejoint page for users until the owner enter the room.

Is there an option for that? Or perhaps with additional javascript event listener?

Merci pour votre aide.

There is no such feature at the moment … maybe an option is to add a custom prosody module that pass through all moderators when lobby is enabled and enable the lobby by default on all rooms …

Merci for your quick reply.

I use the iFrame API to enable lobbyroom automatically for the moderator and don’t let access to security button for others

 api.addEventListener("participantRoleChanged", function (event) {
      if(event.role === "moderator") {
         api.executeCommand("toggleLobby", '.$lobby_activated.');

But when participant enter before owner, he doesn’t have the lobbyroom and can use the room with its humble privileges :slight_smile:

This is what happens when I disable the @emrah Token Owner Party. With the module enabled, if owner isn’t in the Room, participant is redirected to static/authError.html page.

Perhaps, there would be a way to redirect to prejoin page instead?

I managed to add a javascript on authError.html in order to reload the page to the previous one but then the participant is asked for a password instead of the prejoin page where it came from.


Could I have missed something on this script? Perhaps I should try to reload another page in the iFrame?

Thank you again, merci encore,


That’s why I wrote that you need a prosody module, you cannot do that from iframeAPI, that needs to be handled in a custom prosody module in the backend.