Disable International Dial Out Calling (Outside US)

Hi guys,

is there any config or a way to block/disable dial out for international calling outside US?

The dialOutAuthUrl setting in config.js specifies a URL that will receive an HTTP GET with a phone parameter in the query string when the user tries to invite a phone number. Your server at this URL should return a JSON object with allow (boolean), country (country code) and phone fields.

This way you can control which phone numbers the UI will allow the user to dial out to, display the country flag, and correctly format the phone number.

Note that this only controls which phone numbers the Jitsi Meet UI will allow the user to dial out to. In other words, it’s only a protection on the frontend β€” if they modify the frontend they can quite easily bypass the restriction. For actual protection, your SIP server that Jigasi is connecting to should implement the same restriction in its dialplan.