Disable high definition

Hey there
I am new to the community and just started hosting my own instance on a vRoot Server with 1 Cpu 2 gb RAM and 100mBit bandwith inside a docker container.

I would like to hold a conference with about 15 people, but especially due to Firefox I am running into problems especially on the client site.

I was wondering if it is possible to set the max or default VideoQuality from the server to Standard definition.

Thx for helping

You can change resolution and constraints from config.js.

Change both.


I changed that successfully. But is there a way to also change the black box size around videos in the tile view. I set all to 480 and aspect ratio to 1. Even in the interface-config.js. Would be cool to know how to change the tiles to 1:1 aspect.

Second: iPhone users do stream in iPhone aspect ratio and their streams are not affected by the settings above.

All config, css, js welcome.