Disable Gravatar (or any non essential third party connections)

Good day together,

I’m searching for a configuration option, so ideally without changing code, to disable gravatar communication. Generally I would like to disable (or explicitly enable) third party services communication; security related request. But, at least for me important, services like STUN-server connection should not be affected by disabling gravatar. As far as I can understand, that would be the result when I use “disableThirdPartyRequests”; then STUN does not work anymore…

I hope I did not miss any already discussed and solved topic.

Any help highly appreciated,


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There’s an open bug on third party sites and such here, you might comment there and ask about it:

Hi Russell, thanks for sharing that with me.

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Regarding use of Gravatar, please take note of this important change :

I don’t know if this honors disableThirdPartyRequests when proxying, though.