Disable frontend access, jitsi-api access only

I’ve successfully installed the full Jitsi package on a custom subdomain domain. It’s working fine.
However, I really only want the parts needed to use the jitsi-meet API, as I’m building a custom chatroom interface to this on the main domain. That part is now working well, successfully connecting to the vbr and prosody servers, private conferences, etc…

What I want to do now is disable the standard jitsi web-frontend, so as to only leave the parts I need for my api access. Is there a convenient way to ‘turn this off’ but leave full api access live?

Thanks for an amazing packagae!

In the same boat! Have you found a way to do this? Thanks

Hi :slight_smile: so sorry for the very late reply.
I ended up disabling the frontend by turning off the path in nginx config for all users, except the jibri special user that was setup to connect with a particular JWT token… so jibri can still get in, but everyone else gets a static ‘redirect’ page…
Hope that helps :slight_smile: