Disable features for certain authenticated users

I’m working on using jitsi for online teaching system, basically as a zoom alternative. It is critical that students can not use any of jitsi’s features aside from the microphone and video as certain students can misuse it. How could I approach the implementation of a user hierarchy? As in having designated ‘teachers’ accounts and ‘student’ accounts with certain features disabled from the UI for students.


with difficulty as this is not the main point of jitsi-meet. You will have to consider customization, maybe extensive. Or consider big blue button.

While the implementation of user hierarchy will require extensive efforts. I don’t believe that giving a certain subset of authenticated users certain changes in permissions would be as extensive. Perhaps the creation of user groups using prosody?

I’m not a Jitsi dev;,so take my advice with a grain of salt,my understanding of the behaviour of default authenticated domain in Jitsi is that to allow anoymous users (guest) everyone is using the anonymous Prosody host, and that the authentication is used by Jicofo to set the authenticating users as anonymous users but with owner affiliation. Once an user is anonymous, it’s anonymous, so in Prosody you have to assign them some attribute such as student or teacher at this step of authentication. And then in the UI you have to get the attribute to control the device use. You can’t directly check the Prosody group in the UI.

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Thanks gptel-fr , That is exactly the type of implementation I was thinking about. I’ll try to see what changes need to be where in Prosody so I can assign these attributes. Then see how I can include those in the UI. Its definitely going to be easy but now I have a general idea of what I have to do.