Disable camera for all participants except moderator

Is there a possibility to disable the camera for all participants except for the moderator? the participants of a webinar should only have the possibility to turn on audio for asking questions but not be able to turn on video

I know that there ist the flag “startWithVideoMuted” but I would like no only to mute it on startup but to disable the option of turning on the camera for webinar-participants



I’d appreciate that as well, maybe implement the same thing we have right now with “Mute all participants” but for video

at least two possibilities i know of … here the link to my answer on similar question/usecase

would recomment use of external_api
easy to play around, to pass configurations and/or customization for different views/roles

there are many people asking almost the same question here,
just look/read, and you should find ways to do it :wink: