Disable BWE in docker


We want to disable BWE to try to fix a problem but we don’t know how to disable it in docker. I saw we can add this line in videobridge/sip-communicator.properties file:


, but if we change that file when we restart container, changes lost.

Is there any variable we can use to do it or some other way? I readed that jvb.conf file has the same behaviour.

Thanks in advance.

I have the same question.

I do know we can create a custom-sip-communicator.properties file that overrides regular sip-communicator.properties, however I’d rather use docker-compose.yml variables .

hi, guys for that purpose we use this file:

this is a template that you can mount in your docker container with the template you need (+ your line)

e.g: cat defaults/sip-communicator.properties in your current docker container

Ok, thanks a lot!

We mapped and modify the defaults file and the final file generated has the modification!

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