Disable broadcasting video on android mobile

I used to see my video on my android mobile, then I accidentally turned it off.
Since then I cannot see, the video that I broadcast from my mobile!
How do I turn it back?
It’s important for me to see how are seeing my video other users.
I reinstall the app but it’s still doesn’t work :frowning:

Maybe what you are looking for is Main Screen → Settings → Start with video muted?

I have not muted the video.
Everybody else can see my video, just I can’t see it…

Yeah, I see that now.

@saghul, @Calinteodor when you hide your self-view on mobile, how can you show it back? I don’t see an option for that.

when I join to video conference with one friend on mobile and also from a computer, I saw 3 participants on the computer and just 2 on my mobile (without a mobile account)

This had been fixed in latest master and will be available woth next mobile release.

thank you
how do I get the update?