Disable auto owning room, auto login, clear room and disable steaming & Youtube also in apps

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I’m running a very stable instance of Jitsi for our school since nearly a year now. We’ve have had some issues we fixed with workarounds but still some problems left.
Maybe you can help me out?

  1. Where can i disable the auto-owning feature? The problem is: If the host leaves the room, the next student/participant gets the role of owner. So from now the user has moderator privileges and can’t be kicked after conference.
    Thus, if a parcipitant stays in the room, we need to restart the videobridge to kick all out. We’ve had some students keeping rooms open for their friends, which is not wanted. Maybe implement permanently Close room properly (prosody custom module) - #59 by corby ?
    I didn’t really understand all of it and what to paste where as there’s no full documentation and how it behaves if more than one moderator are in the same room?

  2. Is there a official solution for the “wipe” feature in sight? I’m thinking about a “kick all other users before leave”-button or something like “quit / quit & close room / quit and kick all other users & moderators”…
    There’s really a lot of users which would use this feature.

  3. Where is the option to disable “auto-login” for authenticated users? I’ve read about this, but actually don’t find it anymore. I’m thinking about the option to disable that you don’t need to authenticate for each session or new room. Is this the correct way: New Prosody modules to control a tokenized room: token_affiliation and token_owner_party - #66 by glokon ? But where to find this? I’m confused. Is this pre installation?

  4. Where is the option to disable Youtube, steaming etc. on mobile apps? We disabled the buttons as mentioned here: Disable/remove record button - #3 by Freddie

  5. Is it possible to kick other moderators or disgrant moderator-rights?

We’re running a self hosted instance on Unbuntu 18.04 LTS.

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Unofficial jitsi-school-installer

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