Disable audio notification when someone joins/leaves

the audio notification is interfering when people are speaking.

Is there a way to disable that?


@damencho could you provide any help here?

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Hi @damencho, thanks for the reply. I would like the visual notifications to be on. Disable only Audio/sound notifications of joining/leaving. Is that possible?

Nope, this is not currently possible to disable just audio notifications.

ok, thanks!

Hi, @damencho
Does this option disable also the audio or only the visual notifications?
I change it to true but only the visual notifications are disabled. :thinking:
Docker setup, Version 1.0.4127-1

If currently it is not possible to disable just audio notifications, is there a way to disable both? (visual+audio)

Many thanks for all the great work and support!,

Hello, respect for your great work! And many thanks.
I join here to support the question of ‘optionally’ switching off notifications.
We implemented jitsi as main communication tool in our academy (clients working within moodle). We have groups like tens of students. Pop-ups jumps all the time and the sound is extremely distracting (this is academy of music – people are sound sensitive :wink: We are trying to hack the problem, by swapping audio-effects samples from original to silent files, but such ad hoc solutions are always source of potential problems in the future (esp. updates). And it is global hack, not giving an option to particular user.
Just a little checkbox in settings menu would solve the problem… Please, consider such an improvement, at least for the sake of musicians ears :wink:
Thank you!

If this is a self-hosted jitsi, set DISABLE_JOIN_LEAVE_NOTIFICATIONS in /usr/share/jitsi-meet/interface_config.js

And check the following topic for the update issue
Tip: customizing the configuration after upgrade

Dear! thanks for the prompt response
Yes, we maintain a self-hosted service indeed, and the option you mentioned is already set to ‘disabled’.
The question is to separate ‘baloons’ (pop-ups) from ‘audio effects’.
Baloons are useful for the most, while sounds rather the most of our users find disturbing.
I am sorry for not being clear in my description. I was commenting on and supporting the bretua’s question (22 May) about keeping pop-ups and dropping sounds.
All the best!

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According to my observation the join/leave notifications are depending on the number of participants. Join/Leave sounds are very useful for up to ~10 attendees while it is annoying in events with dozens of attendees.