Disable all sounds from a conference when in a iFrame

Hello team,

I´m looking for a way to mute a jitsi-meet conference in a iframe. So my goal is that can see the conference, but no sound is coming out of the iframe.

Unfortuntally there is the original api in JS completely disable all sounds coming from an iframe, so this should come from the jitsi.

Is there something planned?

You might be able to achieve that simply by using the startSilent config which you can apply per-user via url params or configOverride when loading with IFrame API.

For example, the following link will join room TestRoomName1283761289798703 via IFrame API but with no audio (no input or output): JSFiddle

Downside with this approach is that you cannot programmatically re-enable audio and will need to rejoin to unmute.

Hello @shawn,

thanks for the idea, but I have to mute and unmute the conference dureing runtime. WHen a user hits a button then the conference is silent and hit that button again unmutes the conference.

Don’t think there is a built-in way to do that, but it might be possible to emulate that behaviour using what’s currently offered with the IFrame API. In short:

  • use the setParticipantVolume command to mute/unmute participants by setting volume to 0 or 1. This has to be applied:
    • to all participants on join
    • new participants when they join
    • to all participants when mute state is toggled
  • use overwriteConfig to dynamically change the disabledSounds config to enable/disable notification sounds.

Here’s a crude POC that appears to do the right thing, but not thoroughly tested so may need further work: jitsi output mute · GitHub

Here’s a demo – JSFiddle

  • it joins room TestRoomOutputMute and has output muted by default
  • there is an ugly button at the top left to toggle mute state

Hello @shawn,

thanks for your github example.
I tried it already this way, but I had the problen, that the setVolume command was not working in my setup.
I don`t know why, but I the volume was not set.
I will try your example these days and will give you a feedback.

Best regards and many thanks.