Disable access to server web page.

Hello dear friends! I raised my own server with jitsi, such a question, if you log into the server by a domain name, an arbitrary room is created, is it possible to disable access to this page to any of the outside?

Yes you can lock the room with a code ‘Add password’:

This is understandable, I mean that anyone can go to the server and use it for their conference, which can create an additional load on it. In general, I raised the server for use with Rocket Chat, and therefore I would not like to let outsiders know the domain name to use the server for their conferences.

You can enable secure-domain https://github.com/jitsi/jicofo#secure-domain this way users will need to enter username or password to open a meeting. Not sure whether it will work with Rocket Chat, but this one option. Another one is jwt but I don’t know the Rocket Chat integration and cannot say whether they support it. You may ask on the Rocket Chat forum/mailinglist…