Direct outbound calls to specific jigasi instance

does anyone know if it is possible to direct outbound calls from a conference to a specific jigasi instance?

Consider this configuration:

Jitsi Meet configured for dial in/out
2 Jigasi instances registered Jitsi and available for incoming or outgoing calls - jigasi1 and jigasi2

And this use case:

Conference meeting name ‘testmeeting1’ configured to ONLY use jigasi1 for outbound calls
Conference meeting name ‘testmeeting2’ configured to ONLY use jigasi2 for outbound calls

No there is no such option, but you can configure call routing on your sip side.

Thanks for the quick reply.

We are trying to send certain kinds of outbound calls to a custom jigasi and others to the standard one. So SIP side routing doesn’t solve it. For in-bound, SIP routing works fine.

You need to modify jicofo and run a custom jicofo … is the only option I see.