Direct audio and video call questions


We are new to Jitsi and integrating it into a custom web collaboration project.

We understand that Jitsi is designed around the concept of creating a conference and then inviting users to it to collaborate via video, audio and screensharing.

We have several basic questions:
Is it possible to directly call another user via audio only or video?
If so, how is this done in the web environment and is there any documentation or screenshots of this?

How do you invite other users to a call or video meeting, ie. what is the typical user interface for that?

When you are on an audio only call, or a video call is there any information available to be passed back to the user as on other well known conferencing services, such as time elapsed?

Thank you,




There is a calling option, but you need to implement it in your integration, using your signalling method. It is up to the parent app that is doing the integration to manage communication between clients and notifying for incoming calls.
And for the purpose tokens should be used.

There is no much documentation about that. This is the module which have some hooks and you need to implement those: