Different versions (gradle, sdk, etc) on the react native mobile app

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On the react-native-webrtc library github project in the AndroidInstallation Documentation the use of specific versions is mentioned (4 different things all together) here is what is says there:

5.b.) In android/build.gradle replace to:

dependencies {
 classpath 'com.android.tools.build:gradle:3.0.1'


ext {
 compileSdkVersion 27
 buildToolsVersion '27.0.3'

5.c.) In android/gradle/wrapper/gradle-wrapper.properties set distributionUrl variable to


Jitsi Meet Android does not use these versions

here is what Jitsi Meet uses:
for com.android.tools.build it uses gradle:3.3.2 and not gradle:3.0.1 as seen here:

dependencies {
        classpath 'com.android.tools.build:gradle:3.3.2'

for compileSdkVersion and buildToolsVersion it uses 28 instead of 27 as seen here:

    buildToolsVersion = "28.0.3"
    compileSdkVersion = 28

and for distributionUrl it uses 4.10.1 and not 4.1 as seen here:


Also I see riot the matrix client which uses Jitsi Meet has other versions as well:
for com.android.tools.build it uses gradle:3.5.3 as seen here

for compileSdkVersion it uses 28 instead of 27 as seen here.
I could not find buildToolsVersion in the riot github repo, here is my empty search.
and for distributionUrl it uses 5.6.2 as seen here. But I think they just used the sdk and did not build the project, does that make a difference?

Now we come to my questions:

  1. Is this a small difference that does not have much meaning? Or is it a careful consideration and will only work with these specific versions?
  2. When is the last time someone tried building with higher versions? was there no need to use higher versions until now or did it run into errors when trying?
  3. Do the docs in the react-native-webrtc library github project need to be updated or is this a specific case of Jitsi Meet where the react-native-webrtc library still builds with higher versions?
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