Different TURN servers for JVB and P2P calls


It is possible to configure Jitsi such that clients use a different TURN server when call switches from p2p to JVB, and vice versa?

Backgroud (just in case I’m going about this all wrong):

We’re looking to reduce network egress costs, and since we expect more p2p calls than multi-party, we started by migrating only TURN servers from AWS to Oracle Cloud. Downside of this is that for calls going via JVB that needs TURN, we could end up paying for egress twice (?) i.e. AWS → OCI → client and client → OCI → AWS.

So the scheme I’m considering was to have P2P calls go via TURN servers in OCI, and switch to TURN servers local to the JVB in AWS when call goes multi-party.

Why don’t you migrate the JVBs to OCI?

To be frank, that was the plan but we’re having second thoughts based on our experience with OCI so far. All the automation and tooling we’ve built around AWS are not transferrable to OCI due to missing features, and we have several other concerns which I ought not go into right now :smirk:

We’re also looking at DigitalOcean but have no experience with that hence Thoughts on hosting scalable Jitsi on DigitalOcean

Anyway, until we’ve sorted out our next move, I was hoping to leverage what we already have built thus the plan to redirect P2P calls to TURN in OCI but fallback to TURN in AWS for JVB.

There is no such option, and that needs probably ljm changes and maybe prosody module changes … Not sure.

Just to give you heads up meet.jit.si bridges are in OCI.

Thanks. I did think it was a long shot anyway :smiley:

Is the whole Jitsi stack in OCI too? or is Prosody/Jicofo still in AWS?

Yep, that’s true, using both cloud providers.

Oh interesting. I presume you have a site-to-site VPN between OCI VCN and AWS VPC?

When considering this option my concern was the prosody connection over public network.