Different subnets in local LAN

I successfully installed jitsi meet in my local LAN but now I face a new issue: I want to use it across different subnets.
I have 2 subnets:

  1. completely separated subnet without internet access with server at ip for guests
  2. normal network with internet access with server at ip

The server has 2 NICs and connects to both subnets.
In the configs I can put the Docker Host IP but if I enter the ip for the normal network then jitsi meet doesn’t work in the separated subnet.

Is there a way to use it in both subnets?

(Both subnets use a local DNS server with dns rewrite to point to the server so I can have a valid certificate so it even works with the app)

Does anyone have any knowledge about how to configure jitsi to work with 2 different networks? p2p is disabled and not needed.