DIfferent Server Setup for Jitsi, Jibri JVB in Docker

I am trying to install Dockerized Jitsi on one server and Dockerized Jibri on another server. I am facing problem with XMPP Domains. Also the yaml file for Jibri has depends on jicofo. but on my jibri server there is no Jicofo running.

Are you trying to use Docker Swarm? We haven’t tested that yet.

No normal docker-compose. I started docker-compose file on one ec2 instance. And jibri.yml on another ec2-instance.

That won’t work because both instances are not connected and part of the “meet.jitsi” user defined network that the Docker setup uses to communicate between nodes.

Maybe it’s a good opportunity to research on Swarm.

If that is the case, should i just opt for kubernetes? I want to scale my setup with multiple jvb and multiple jibris.

Possibly yes.

How and why this network setup is required? Is there any documentation related to it where i can go and read stuff. becuase it has been alot of time, i am still struggling with setting up scalable infra for this.

This should give some context: Self-Hosting Guide - Docker · Jitsi Meet Handbook