Different channelLastN based on roles

Is it possible to set channelLastN based on user role?
Moderator see all
Participants see only moderator

Also is it possible moderator to select which screen participants should see? Example: moderator select John’s stream to be seen from everyone.

Moderator can enable Follow me from settings and everyone will switch to the participant the moderator sees (pins by clicking on thumb).

Hey @damencho, thanks for your reply!
As I see here -> https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/master/doc/api.md
We can overwrite config.js. Is it possible to overwrite lastChanelN based on role?

That is a setting to the conference and the first to join basically set it to the conference. But you can send messages to the bridge with lastN values, this is how audio-only mode works, by sending lastN=0.

Ok, I see. What would be the fastest way to change it’s behaviour ? So I can cover this scenario:
user 1 see all of the participants
participant see only user 1