Different Backend?

Newbie Dev Question: I followed the docs at Developer Guide (Web) · Jitsi Meet Handbook to build and run Jitsi Meet on my Mac. I see this instruction:

By default the backend deployment used is `alpha.jitsi.net` . 
You can point the Jitsi Meet app at a different backend by 
using a proxy server. To do this, set the 

export WEBPACK_DEV_SERVER_PROXY_TARGET=https://your-example-server.com
make dev

Does this mean the the Jitsi backend (?) is not running on my machine?

How do I go about getting it running on my machine?

Docs for this? An additional download/build?

I am interested in understanding the full implementation, so I need to see and run source code for the entire stack.


The full stack for the jitsi infrastructure is quite vast. Check out Architecture · Jitsi Meet Handbook to get an idea of what is involved. The source code for all the components are available across multiple repos within https://github.com/jitsi

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