Difference jitsi on LAN to jitsi on WAN with Firefox

Hello Folks,
I installed a fresch Ubuntu Server and Jitsi-meet with all prerequisites according to the self-hosting guide
Everything was installed out of the box, no errors.
In my LAN with Firefox (v 79) I’m able to load the webpage, create room and set my camera and micro. Everything seems to work. When a second user (same LAN, Firefox as well) enters the room and sets camera and micro NO video NOR audio exchange takes place. :unamused:

Using Chromium instead of Firefox in my LAN everything works as it should.!

Using Firefox on the web and creating room on https://meet.jit.si/ everything works as it should as well.

What is the difference between the version installed at https://meet.jit.si and the packages available for self-hosting ? Why my server does not work with Firefox but it does with Chromium? Am I missing something not installed from Jitsi package repository?
Is somewhere a special configuration needed ?

If somebody knows the trick, please share !
Thanks, Susi

Yes, I’ve also had strange differences in browser performance with Firefox (FF) vs. chromium-based browsers (like Brave, Vivaldi, Opera, Edge). It’s not easy to pin down what accounts for it. Also, it’s not a one way thing, sometimes FF is better, at other times not.

One thing that could be involved, “ordinary” FF is up to version 85. Given the rapid development cycle, many changes have likely been made to the FF codebase. IOW might be worthwhile to try the most recent FF release.

Anyway many people here prefer chromium-based browsers. Even though I’m a long-time FF user, on the whole the chromium browsers have been more reliable connecting to my jitsi server.

Hard to say but seems possible there’s some configuration issue on the LAN instance of jitsi. (I recently had to reinstall everything on my server. And yeah, I made mistakes in config files that I had to go back and fix. It happens.)

If the server is in the LAN, check the NAT_HARVESTER_* lines in your /etc/jitsi/videobridge/sip-communicator.properties file

@jrapdx: Thanks for sharing your experiences. These do not explain why same FF works on WAN joining meet.jit.si/ but not with self hosted server on LAN. Until now, no changes made in the configuration files installed out of the box.

@emrah : Thanks for the hint, but how should it be to work with FF?
thats all what is in the conf file about Harvester:

Could you add the following lines into /etc/jitsi/videobridge/sip-communicator.properties and restart the videobridge service?



systemctl restart jitsi-videobridge2.service

If not works, try to set the LAN IP as SERVER_PUBLIC_IP too. In this case both IPs will be the same.

Chrome and FF manages many thing differently and some cases a working solution may depend

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@emrah Unfortunately this didn’t make the job. The connection is established, chat is possible but no Video nor Audio. I tried also FF <> Chromium = same issue . Only Chromium <> Chromium works in my system.
Any other ideas, maybe from people hosting meet.jit.si who manage that FF works ?
I read that FF consumes much more recourses than Chromium. Maybe my server recourses are not enough for getting FF to work ? I will try some other machine.

I’m in the same boat. For me it definitely looks like the last Jitsi update have killed things for Firefox.

Before the Jitsi update all browsers did work, after the update firefox does not work. Once I’m using firefox there is no video and audio and it looks like Jitsi periodically tries to establish the connection.

Switching to Chrome or Safari and all works fine.

The issue is that I can’t tell other people to not use Firefox … that should be fixed.

For me the fix from @emrah posted above worked!
I use my Jitsi installation via Reverse Proxy, shared with the pubic IP of my BigBlueButton server. So the Jitsi VM itself has a LAN address.