Difference between run-packager and release-sdk.sh

Should I execute run-packager.sh before running metro server?
recently I exported jitsi-meet SDK by excuting release-sdk.sh. After that when I tried to execute jitsi meet in debugging mode(with react-native run-android and react-native start), metro server didn’t start. I executed run-packager.sh and after that react-native start and surprisingly it worked. Should I execute run-packager.sh after exporting SDK(I mean after running release-sdk.sh) every time?

What are you trying to accomplish? Modify the Jitsi Meet app? Use the SDK in a native app? In a RN app? Have you made changes to the SDK?

acctually I was wrong. I solved this problem. But I have another problem. I want to send data from one participant to other participants. I used setLocalParticipantProperty and handle that property in JitsiConferenceEvents.PARTICIPANT_PROPERTY_CHANGED but when I send that property from one device to other device, it cause such error: Error processing:${node.tagName} node. Should I declare costume property in server side?
For example raiseHande property works well. But my own property doesn’t work
please help

Good question. TBH I don’t know. I suggest you grep around the raise hand feature and check. Note that it might have parts in jitsi-meet as well as lib-jitsi-meet.

Good luck!

I found that sometimes this error log appears due to some reason ( maybe network problems) and fortunately it works now. thanks for your response