Dialing out built into Jitsi Meet with caller id mask option?

You can already have people call in with ease why not dialing people?

Having an integrated option to dial phone participants along with choosing to set your number as the outgoing caller id would be nifty.

Perhaps even optional Google Contact integration as well.

You can dial out with Jigasi (to bring people into a meeting).

It doesn’t appear to be built in the Jitsi Meeting UI though?

It is. When installed and configured properly, you access the field to enter the number through the “Invite” pop-up box.

Oh. I use the web version at meet.jit.si

Ah, I see… You’d need to host your own server or subscribe to https://jaas.8x8.vc to have them handle all that for you.

I mean I was requesting it as a feature built in the web version of Meet since it already has calling in.

I get it if it can’t be added in without hosting or using the 8x8 Jitsi.

Too bad Google Voice couldn’t be integrated or Text Now.

Meet.jit.si is free and anonymous platform and as such we cannot offer there things like dialout, which can be very expensive depending on the destination.
You can subscribe for jaas or 8x8 pro account and use it there.

Ah. I’m just thankful it has dialing in as losing the option to add callers when Hangouts became Google Meet stunk (on non business accounts). It was annoying enough I had to use a work around to use the old Hangouts ui to even use the feature.

Thanks for clearing this up.