Dial out to videosipgw


To implement videosipgw dial out scenario, I have written a service to return following response body when a room is search via invite some people form at UI:

Even my service returns the response when smth is searched, nothing is shown at UI. When my search is drill down to some function called _parseQueryResults at InviteContactsForm.js, I find that there are INVITE_TYPES like sip,room,user,videosipgw. However while parsing the response coming from the service(see above response body), INVITE_TYPES.VIDEO_ROOM is never taken into account, so the parsed result is empty. I’m suspicious that it is forgotten. Can you take it as a bug? Because in another version of same function, it filters directly non-user types and populates the list. It is changed but VIDEO_ROOM type was never populated according to the response. Or any other suggestions? Thanks in advanced.

Here is the related commit which changes the flow:

Lines changed from :
const users = response.filter(item => item.type !== ‘phone’ && item.type !== ‘sip’);
const users = response.filter(item => item.type === INVITE_TYPES.USER);

We will take a look. A PR with a fix is welcome.

If you like, I can propose a solution and commit it after PR.


This should fix it


Problem solved, thanks @quitrk