Dial-out phone continues to ring, after non-focus member hangs up


This is a follow-up of a post I made on a different thread, but decided to make a new thread as it is a separate issue. Jigasi - Jigasi Delay in Hangup

My setup is that I have a two-way call (with no p2p enabled). The party who first joins the room is using jitsi meet on the web browser. After joining, the web participant dials out to a regular phone number. This call goes through jigasi to asterisk, over a sip trunk, and then to the phone :phone:.

The normal behaviour is working fine: the phone client receives the call and is able to talk with the web client. If either party hangs up, the call is disconnected. However, there is a problem when the web client hangs up before the phone client has answered the call:

  1. Web client joins empty room and dials phone number
  2. Jigasi initiates call and the phone client starts ringing
  3. Web client presses hang up button and leaves room before phone client picks up
  4. Phone continues to ring for around 90 seconds, and then stops

I have checked Jicofo logs for a hangup in a normal conversation, and also for the faulty scenario. In both cases the messages seem to be the same. First, the owner leaves the room and his session is terminated. Then, the same happens for the other participant (phone client). Finally, the conference is disposed (Disposed conference for room).

However, the asterisk logs for both scenarios are different. In the normal scenario, when the web client presses the hangup button a BYE message is sent from Jigasi to asterisk. However, in the faulty scenario this message is never sent.

My theory is that the cause of this is in Jigasi. Jicofo is forwarding the correct messages, but Jigasi is not properly terminating the call. Any help is appreciated, I can also provide more information if needed.


Well, what jocofo can send is session terminate after 20 seconds. You can enable smack debug and console print and check what jigasi is receiving 20 seconds after the web hangups.