Device change not completing - Missing JistiMeetJS TRACK_ADDED event

Hello! We are using the Jisti Meet API with a custom UI and having issues on track device change. What we currently have works fine on the sender’s end but the recipient receives only an TRACK_REMOVED event (at the point of disposal), and no TRACK_ADDED. It is worth noting that anyone joining direct from Proximity can successfully broadcast device changes, triggering the TRACK_ADDED event and having it reflecting on the recipient’s end.

Thank you for any thoughts/advice on what we are missing to trigger this TRACK_ADDED event!

function switchVideo(deviceId) {
    track = props.localTracks.find(t=> t.type === "video")
    track && track.dispose()
    props.createLocalTracks({ cameraId: deviceId })
createLocalTracks = async(devices) => {
   const options = {
        devices: ['video', 'audio'],
        resolution: 360,

   if (devices) {
        options.cameraDeviceId = devices.cameraId || this.getInputDeviceId('video')
        options.micDeviceId = devices.micId || this.getInputDeviceId('audio')

        .then(t =>  this.localTracks = t})
        .catch(err => console.log('Local tracks failed: ' + err))