Development in localhost - Jitsi-meet


What do I need to install to dev (front end) on jitsi-meet ? I’m following this tutorial but I think it’s not necessary to install all jitsi-meet modules ?
I just want to have front end sources (JS react, I think ?), in order to modify them.

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If you just want to play with changing the UI, it is enough to just checkout jitsi-meet and do npm install && make dev.
The backend that will be used in this situation is If you want to modify the backend you will need your own deployment done following the quick-install guide.

I just want to modify front-end, but do I need to install jitsi-meet or a source archive ? Because, when i’m trying to execute your command, it’s not working :confused:

Thank you.

What is not working?

When i do “npm install” in the folder where sources are located :

Do you have git installed on the machine? Didn’t you git clone the sources?
Or maybe try deleting node_modules folder and run the command again.

“Install npm” and “make” seem to work right now. I have all modules installed inside “jitsi-meet/node_modules”

I finished by making “make dev”. And I can access from “https://localhost:8080”. Thank you !

A last question. On my genuine videoconference, I have a LDAP authentication module activated. But through, i can’t try with it.

But if I try to modify authentication module (frontend), i couldn’t see the difference because it’s connected to your backend server (where the module is not activated) ?

How do you recommand me to do ?

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And you will be using your deployment.

It’s working, but it doesn’t display authentication popup.

Is there a command to enable new logos / favicon ?
Because I tried to change image sources and then rebuild by doing “make” a new time. But nothing is happening, although the picture isn’t the same anymore.

It’s working, it was due to navigator cache. Also, I had to upload files on my distant server to display them in localhost.
Do not forget to do “make” and “make dev” in your dev mode.


When all is customized, do we have to compress sources or we can just put them on the server ?

I’m not sure I fully understand your quesiton.

If you just do make and copy the folder and its content to the server (you can skip node_modules folder) and change the webserver to use the new folder instead of /usr/share/jitsi-meet and you are good to go.

According to you I just have to replace quick install sources with all sources coming from local dev ?


It’s working, but I had to keep libs from quick install. It was missing sources in “libs” folder.

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Hum, by the way I have an issue.
Buttons are only present on the corner, and I can interact with nothing :confused:

This should not be the case after doing make.

This looks to me as missing css. Did make finish successfully?

I did “make” on my local computer machine (ubuntu), and i transferred all files through ftp.
No errors when doing “make”

Have you checked your local libs folder and the css folder for all.css file?

CSS on welcome page is okay, it’s maybe just coming from css on videoconference as you said ?

I’m going to reupload all files. I’ll let you know.

Thank you.